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Dan Horrigan Watch Group

Akron Mayor from: January 2016 to

This site is NOT owned or operated by Dan Horrigan. It is owned by Sage Lewis.

This site was created as a way for Akron to keep up to date with what Dan Horrigan, the mayor of Akron, is doing.

Sincerely, the goal is to watch all the amazing things Dan is doing for Akron. We want Dan Horrigan to be the greatest mayor in the history of Akron.

Hopefully, this site will be able to document all of the visionary and inspirational leadership choices Dan makes through his tenure as mayor of Akron.

All are welcome to edit and contribute to this site. In order to edit and contribute you will need to register here: Special:UserLogin and confirm your email address.

The main categories of interest should be listed on this page.

A personal note to Dan Horrigan...

There is a part of me that is sorry someone didn't tell you to register your name as a domain name. You once had it but you let it lapse. (Maybe if you had hired an Akron Web developer this wouldn't have happened. You should know that Akron has the best Web developers in Northeast Ohio.)

But this will actually be better for you and the city. We live in a transparent era. We are just helping you stay accountable to the citizens of Akron. And before you consider wasting tax payers' money on trying to get this back, you should have read an article like this before you started your campaign:

But don't feel too bad, you aren't alone, here are some presidential candidates that also didn't buy their domain names:

This happens a lot. It's not illegal. So stop thinking about suing me and start thinking about how you are going to be the most amazing mayor Akron has ever experienced.

And please feel free to get an account here and participate in cataloging your journey as the mayor of Akron.